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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Written by Casey Perkins.

The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure:

True Reach: How many people you influence

Amplification: How much you influence them

Network Impact: The influence of your network

My Klout score is a 56 ... today.

Each day Klout scans your social networks and determines your score based on how your are engaging with your network.

It's unbelievably simple.

1. Visit Klout.com

2. Sign up and start connecting your social networks. Remember: the more social networks you connect the more places Klout can look for your influence!

3. Start engaging ... tweet, share on Facebook, check in on Foursquare, stay active on your social networks and watch your Klout score rise.

Oh, and one more thing:

Klout has Perks. That's right. They reward you with FREE stuff just for having a good Klout score. How cool is that?

Get started with Klout then head over to our Facebook page and tell us about your Klout score!

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