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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Written by Miloy Schwartz

With so much focus today on social media marketing, sometimes businesses begin to stray from marketing basics. At Lemonade, we always strive to offer cutting-edge ideas and techniques for our clients, but we never lost sight of the tried and true marketing tactics that still work. Today's blog is a back-to-basics list of 5 ideas that are so simple you might have overlooked them completely.

1) Become a Geocaching Site

If your business is a little off the beaten path, you could be losing business simply because your potential clients don't know where you are located.
Consider Geocaching: This modern day "treasure hunt" uses GPS equipment to find sites where people have placed caches (containers). You would probably be surprised to know how many geocaches are located in Downtown Albany, GA alone! This is a fun and free way to produce some foot-traffic to your business.


2) Turn Your Best Customers Into "Billboards"

Order some nice branded T-shirts and car window decals and price them at or just above the price you paid for them. Many of your best customers will buy them and, essentially, become a mobile billboard for your business to their friends and colleagues. And, chances are, the people they know are a lot like them and thus, your target audience.


3) Offer Referral Fees

Think about this question: How much is each new customer or client worth to you over the course of a year? Now consider what you could offer as a reward to any customer who refers a new customer to you. But, don't stop there. Make sure the new customer gets the same or reward as the referring customer. This creates a true reward system in which everyone benefits and, thus, becomes more invested in your brand.


4) Invest in Cause Marketing

Whether it's time or money, giving is always win-win. From a branding perspective, the most effective cause marketing is done by businesses that commit to only one non-profit organization or cause. This establishes a relationship between your business and the charity of your choice. The organization will be grateful to have you supporting them and your employees will feel invested in giving back. 
If you haven't found an organization to team with, the United Way is a great place to start!


5) Grow Your Website Traffic

Why have a website if people can't find it through a basic Google search? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to steps taken in your web design to ensure that your site is found when people search for your product or service. To get started head over to Hubspot's Website Grader and run their test on your website. They will give you areas for improvement to get your SEO score headed in the right direction. For more information about SEO check out this post from our go-to Web guy at DanielTitus.com.

If you've got more questions about these or other marketing ideas, get in touch with us at Lemonade!

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