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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Written by Miloy Schwartz

With so much focus today on social media marketing, sometimes businesses begin to stray from marketing basics. At Lemonade, we always strive to offer cutting-edge ideas and techniques for our clients, but we never lost sight of the tried and true marketing tactics that still work. Today's blog is a back-to-basics list of 5 ideas that are so simple you might have overlooked them completely.


Written by Miloy Schwartz.

There’s an adage used in the marketing profession that you must “eat your own dog food.”  While that isn’t to say you’ve got to actually eat the dog food, it does mean you’ve got to have some type of first-hand experience with a product/service before you can effectively market it. (Keep in mind that marketing is much more than creating an ad. But, that’s a blog for another week.)

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into one of my more challenging applications of this marketing proverb. And so began my maiden voyage into the world of … Botox.


Keyed In

Written by Kristen Schuette

Twenty years ago, maybe even as few as ten, the Marketing world consisted of well placed ads on a billboard or on the side of a bus and press releases to every news station and newspaper you could target. This was how target audiences knew about businesses or brands. Sure, these tools are still included in a marketer’s toolbox. But, they just may be the second or third screwdrivers used. What changed? If you are reading this blog, you know the answer. Yes, that powerful medium called the Internet.


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