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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Written by Casey Perkins

Today's Quick Sip is an insider tip on Foursquare badges and bonuses. Not long ago we posted about local Foursquare specials. That post is a good primer if you're not super savvy about this location-based Social Network, but today we want to share a little info about another aspect of the Foursquare game!

If you've been on Foursquare for even a few days you've probably been notified that "You just unlocked the Newbie badge on Foursquare!" If you've been active on Foursquare longer then chances are you've gotten a few other badges ... but how did you get so lucky?

There are badges for all sorts of checkins. The more active you are on Foursquare the better your chances of getting badges & bonus points.

Here's the tip: USE KEYWORDS! Be sure your checkins have pertinent words to what you're doing.

For example: You want the 16 candles badge? Check in 5 times at birthday parties and use the words "Happy Birthday" and you'll be on your way.

Here's a last tip: Today is Election Day ... Checkin at your polling place and be sure to use the word "vote, voted, election", etc. You'll get +3 bonus points for doing your civic duty!

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